New Scout Recommendations

New Scout Recommendations please?

This is one of the most asked questions I received as a Cubmaster and what gear should we buy.

As we worked our way to Scouts we heard the same questions being asked by new scouts once again. We have assembled a few of our favorite

items that either we own and love or have seen other scouts use. This list is a recommendation and the links and as

an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


If you currently own a tent, keep this in mind. The age of the tent and ease of assembly.

If the tent is older the waterproofing may not be optimal and the older tents are not user friendly

for younger, inexperienced scouts. These are our New Scout Recommendations.

Coleman Sundome Tent. This tent is one of the favorites for scouts and scout parents. This affordable tent will hold your scout and one other with gear. The “tub” style floor helps ensure they stay dry when the rain pools up.

MKeep CAMPROS 3-4 person tent. This is another option for an entry level scout that will not break the bank. These are easy to setup and will be a great introduction to camping.

BISINNA 2 Person tent is designed to be more weather resistant. The shape of the rainfly goes lower allowing the water to shed all of the way to the ground. This also blocks more wind from entering the tent so they can regulate the interior temperature.


Many new scouts have their trips compromised by a sleeping bag that with a temperature

rating higher than the conditions they are in. The use of a slumber bag is generally frowned

upon since they are not going to provide the comfort the scout needs. These are out New Scout Recommendations.

This is a Coleman Palmetto Thirty degree cool weather sleeping bag. It’s good for most camping trips when the temp drops in the 40s. This is a great starter bag

Wenzel Windy Pass zero degree mummy bag. This bag will keep your scout warm on those cool fall or early winter campouts. The mummy style wraps around their head adding to the warmth of the bag.

This is the Coleman Silverton sleeping bag. we have used this one on many camping trips and it has served us well. With a temperature rating of 25-35 degrees it is suited for most outings your scout will encounter.


ALPS Mountaineering foam camping mat. This is your basic protection from debris of the ground as well as insulation for a cold night.

Coleman Self-Inflating camping pad. This pad adds to the comfort by lifting your scout off the ground slightly. The foam inside creates an insulated buffer from the ground.

The POWERLIX sleeping pad is the most comfortable option in this bracket. We have used this pad many times and it has served us well. It combines comfort and packability to make an awesome combination.


Every Scout will eventually need a mess kit. When they cook for themselves they need their own plates and cups. This Coleman Camping cookware kit fits the needs of useful and budget friendly.

Every Scout should have their own reusable utensils. This UCO Utility Spork will fit in their mess kit and last for many trips.

Nobody likes to get wet, and no one likes to be wet in the woods. A good set of rain gear can make the difference between a cool story and a bad experience. These FROGG TOGGS are highly recommended by every Scout I have met.

When you arrive at the campsite and you have to setup in the dark these headlamps are invaluable. They make for the perfect lighting and keep both hands free. This ENERGIZER LED Headlamp will last for many hours of camp fun.

This is the second light on this list and there is a good reason. The headlamp is good for setup but a regular flashlight is preferred for navigation around others. This LED MINI MAG is a rugged, bright light that will last their whole scouting career.

There is always the possibility that someone can get lost or injured. These occasions are rare, but when they happen a signal device will get the attention of everyone. These are also good for scaring off wildlife. The LuxoGear Emergency Whistle is a real attention getter.

Here is the Scout Personal First Aid Kit, Build-A-Kit supplies. this contains all the items to build a BSA compliant first aid kit.


This Hammock is a great value for what you get. I have this and it works great. The integrated bug netting ensures you have a bug free sleep and the included straps (that don’t normally come with hammocks) make it an even greater value.

When you are camping in a hammock you need to have a tarp to protect you from the elements. There are many options for tarps, but the Noah’s Tarps have served us well. Many dry nights thanks to these tarps.

Tarp poles are not a needed item but make your camping experience so much better. With the tarp poles you can lift the sides to enjoy the view, create a sitting area or create air flow.