Cooking a Steak on a Single Burner Stove.

Camp Stove Steak on a single burner propane stove

Cooking a steak on a single burner stove in the woods while camping might be shocking to some. I am a firm believer that your location shouldn’t always dictate your menu. Being in the woods is a great place to take your cooking skills to the next level.

I set up the stove on a level location. Now I won’t have to worry about the balance of the stove. The base is wider and that provided the stability needed to cook this NewYork strip. I started the propane burner and then placed the Pampered Chef 5.5″ cast iron pan on to preheat. The first thing to hit the hot cast iron is Kerry Gold butter adding the perfect flavor. Once the melted butter coated the pan I placed the strip in fat side down. This renders the fat and adds a crust. The next step is to place the steak in and let the cast iron do its job. The cast-iron pan retains the heat providing even heat and a beautiful crust on the steak.

I add the magic to the steak in the form of Himalayan sea salt. The salt accentuates the flavor of the steak better than any seasoning I have found. The flip shows the crust the cast iron pan has provided and is now giving to the other side. Next, we hit it with a pad of Kerry Gold to let the steak finish in a sea of flavor. The total cook time will be determined by your particular taste and desired cook.

When cooking a steak on a single burner stove keep in mind that steak of this size requires minimal cooler space. You will be solo cooking so you don’t need a 16 oz porterhouse steak.

Have fun Scouting and remember your only limitation is you.