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Tent with a ground tarp improperly setup scout camping
Ground tarps are one of the first things you neet to set up when you get to the campsite. Search the area for a suitable location to set up your tent, and clear all debris from the location that you want to place your tent. Place your ground tarp in the location you want your …

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Camp Stove Steak on a single burner propane stove
Cooking a steak on a single burner stove in the woods while camping might be shocking to some. I am a firm believer that your location shouldn’t always dictate your menu. Being in the woods is a great place to take your cooking skills to the next level. I set up the stove on a …

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Cub Scout by a campfire in the rain at Pipsico Scout Reserve in Virginia
When we go Cub Scout Camping we always seem to forget something. It seems as though every campout adds another item to the list of things needed to make our camping experience that much better. This past weekend we went with our cub scout pack to Pipsico Scout Reserve in Virginia and we had a …

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